Sunday, October 3, 2010

Exciting Mystery Sport REVEALED! I stated in my last post, I have become involved in a new sport! Now, if you were to quickly glance through my previous posts you may come to the conclusion that I am somewhat uncoordinated (and by somewhat I mean completely and totally). I am also somewhat out of shape, somewhat of a sissy, and somewhat of a homebody. So what kind of sport would be appropriate for an uncoordinated out of shape sissy who likes to stay home on Saturday nights you ask?? The kind that doesn't involve coordination, physical prowess, or the ability to interact with other adults without the use of a computer. What sport is that you ask?? I don't know...if you figure it out, send me an e-mail or something! In the meantime I have decided to do something completely inappropriate, given my lack of physical and social skills. I am now a proud member of a league of extraordinary women, a league of beautiful, intelligent, strong women! These lovely ladies have bumped me, bruised me, knocked me on my assets, and helped me back on my feet....or should I say wheels...or should I say my 8 wheels..or should I say my 8 wheels attached to my two skates...or should I say my 8 wheels attached to my two skates that I use for playing ROLLER DERBY!! That's right, I said roller derby. After the cookies are baked, kids schooled and bathed, laundry washed and folded, I grab my gear and head out to San Juan Capistrano, home of the South Coast Roller Derby girls, for the fastest fun in town! Okay...I'll admit it, some of that wasn't true (I don't always fold the laundry before practice) but the rest it totally factual. Cross my heart! :)

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Michelle said...

Roller derby, huh? I remember watching that as a kid... and hearing from a friend of mine who went to a match(?) recently and talked about how much fun she had. Interestingly, roller skaing is something I've never been able to do. Ever.

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