Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look at that face!

How do you like our cub scout craft?
Who knew procrastination could turn out so cute?!
Naturally, I waited until Sunday night to decide on a craft for B's den meeting. Luckily, Walmart had ONE box of mini pumpkins left and I was able to buy most of them before some other craft crazed mom could. Don't worry, I'm nice...I left a couple of the ugly ones behind.
I spent most of Monday morning cutting out little arms, legs, noses, and mouths. Then I realized I could not possibly go to the meeting.
The sore throat that had been bothering me since Friday had not gotten any better and I really didn't want to breathe my sickness all over everyone else's children.
Fortunately, Mr. X was available and graciously offered to lead the craft activity for the evening.
I think it would of been worth going, sick and all, just to get a couple pictures of him helping B make a pumpkin person. :)
If I was feeling better, I'd probably finish this post with a painful and/or embarassing story but I'm not...so I won't. :(

7 Helpful Hints:

Terie said...

I know all too well the downs of feeling down and out. Feel better soon. Love the picture. He looks like I feel :)

Elena said...

Oh no, hope you don't have strep or something. See this is what happens when Mom's plan too much! Get feeling better soon.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I can so relate with the pumpkin. It think that is what I look like in the morning. Big shout out to the hubby for filling in!!!! Hope you are better soon!!!

Britt said...

That is adorable! My best ideas are born out of procrastination .. at least, I say they are great ideas. Sometimes they just end up as joke fodder for my hubs.

Feel better soon!

Michelle said...

The sore throat thing just got done being passed around our house, so I know how you feel... and your pumpkin looks better than anything I created while I was sick!

Signe said...

That turned out really cute! I'll have to show my kids...they love crafty stuff.

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