Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Yesterday, we ate out at an exclusive club. It's SO exclusive that your ID must be checked at the door to confirm membership prior to even entering the building. Being that it was Sunday, it was quite difficult to find a table. Luckily, just as we arrived, one opened up and we were able to be seated immediately. I feasted on a delicious Caesar salad, the boys both chose an Italian dish, and Mr. X opted for traditional American cuisine....

Okay...our club is Costco, the boys had pizza, Mr. X had hot dogs, and my salad came in a plastic box. But it was fabulous none the less and we enjoyed just sharing a meal together (and also the free soda refills) :)

6 Helpful Hints:

Elena said...

Oh funny! I kept thinking, "Wow, where did they go? Maybe it's a military thing." I'm a dork.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Elena, I'm not the only retard. I, too, thought it was a prestigious military establishment.

Oh, and we have "lunch" at Sam's Club all the time! Only, we fill up on the free samples! ;)

Britt said...

Gotta add my ditto to the other two .. totally was chalking it up to a military perk lol

That pizza .. totally making me hungry, despite the bowl of cereal I just inhaled .. and yes, my husband has been hounding me about the eating thing too, so I'm getting three squares. :o)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I was pulled in too, what fancy, shamsy place did you go to.....ahhh Costco. That is a definate card checker place. I tried to sneak in once and they were very insistant that I pizza for me.

Jilann said...

Costco is most definitely our favorite family restaurant "club"! You can regularly find us there. At least one family member must get a hot dog, and then in our cheapness, we share the refillable drink.

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