Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My sweet child

So...Sunday night my internet connection and my computer got together and conspired against me, making it nearly impossible for me to do ANYTHING computery or internety Monday and part of Tuesday. It literally took me 1/2 an hour to leave a single comment! I gave up after visiting ( I think 3 blogs) and decided to go blogless for a day. :( But now...I'M BACK ONLINE! Woo HOO! But only for a little bit...Mr. X's birthday is on Friday AND HE HAS 3 WHOLE DAYS OFF (IN A ROW!) we're headed up north to beautiful Bellingham, Washington to spend the weekend with some very good friends (the only people I trust to babysit my children outside of my family). I think I'll be back Tuesday (hopefully with lotsa fun pictures) :)

In other news....

Saturday night, Mr. X took me my favorite store...TARGET. I rarely buy myself clothes, partially because it is difficult to shop and try things on with two boys, and partially because I don't like to spend money. Anyhow, I found a couple items (on the clearance rack OF COURSE :) ) one of which was a super adorable Isaac Mizrahi shirt dress. I bought (it was $17 dollars and totally cute, what else could I do!?), brought it home, tried it on, and fell in love with it...I couldn't wait to wear it out of the my second favorite store...COSTCO :P

Remember this picture from our exclusive club brunch?

Take another look. Do you see these hands? These greasy, greasy hands?

Now...exactly where do you suspect my gorgeous three year old child decided to place his dirty little digits? On a napkin? On his shirt? His pants? In his pockets? No, no, no, and no. He placed them directly on MY ADORABLE NEW DRESS!


If anyone one knows of a miracle grease stain removing remedy...NOW would be the time to share. PLEASE :)

As disappointed as I was, I could not bring myself to be even remotely upset with my darling child. After all, I was was the brilliant parent who decided to feed him shiny pizza. I also failed to ensure that his hands were properly cleaned afterward. *Note to self: bring wet wipes EVERYWHERE!

This, however, warrants a talking to! Every single time a plate of cookies is placed on the table, he finds it necessary to bite as many cookies as possible without ever finishing a single one. I have yet to figure out why.

Oh, my mischievous little one, how you test me so! One day...when you are a teenager, your ability to charm me with your incredibly innocent looking face will come to an end ( I hope).

11 Helpful Hints:

Britt said...

I have to agree .. we must be brain twins. I'm the same way with clothes, for the same reason.

And my youngest? Wiped her m&m stained face on my favorite Target clearance shirt .. luckily it washed away. Making my shirt a loner .. the one non-stained item in my closet ;o)

Whoo hoo for vacation! Have fun!! :o)

Elena said...

Is your dress machine washable? If so, I've had good luck with squirting a little liquid Dawn on the grease stains before washing the clothes. Also, you could try sprinkling some baby powder on the stain to absorb some of the grease. Such a bummer, but seriously how could you ever be angry at that adorable face? :)

Michelle said...

I second the Dawn trick. I squirt a little on and gently rub it in with an old toothbrush (or sometimes a random family member's toothbrush, depends on the day). JK! But whatever you do, don't put it in the dryer before you know for sure the stain is gone. Drying it will "set" the stain.

Oh, and I just picked up some awesome clearance stuff at Target, too! :D

omstorage said...

I remember have a cousin that would always get his clothes stained. Club soda always did the trick. Perhaps you can use club soda to blot it.

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog title! I love it.

The picture with your little guy smiling is adorable.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Signe said...

Yep, dish soap works! Good's a familiar sight :)

ps I'll make sure dd pees outside her room, just in case ;)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

So sorry about the grease stain. Is that linen? All I can say is Clorox2 is a wonder but I am not sure on your stain.

Sorry to say that even when they get bigger and do things that make you want to rip out hair, they still have that adorable face that makes it all still okay.

Again Sweet-boy wants to go see Spaghetti Boy. That was so great!!!

Ya Chun said...

I love Target! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Try a stain stick like shout - works on everything!

Oh2122 said...

I was just at Target today!

Shout wipes! They have saved several shirts for me.

Thanks for dropping in on my BATW day!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh. My. I heard dawn works, too. I have used white vinegar as well. Oh dear I hope it comes out.

Target is one of my favorites!

Thanks for stopping by my BATW yesterday!

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