Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marshmallow Memories

B: MOM!! J has something in his pants!
Me: J, come here honey, let me see what's in your pants.

J comes running, leaving a trail of miniature marshmallows behind him. Hmmm...either A)he is trying to mark a path because otherwise he will forget where he came from OR B)he's trying to see how many miniature marshmallows he can shove down his pants before B tells on him.

My motherly instincts tell me it's most likely scenario B.

Me: J, marshmallows do not belong in your pants. Marshmallows are for eating.
J: Shawy (sorry) Mommy

I empty his pants of soft sugary white confections and send him on his way. Thankful that I did so BEFORE the marshmallows melted into a thick, sticky sugar glue that I would've had to scrub off with a brillo pad.

Not long after I find marshmallows...

-In my bed, UNDER my sheets. Yes, he put marshmallows on my bed, then covered them with my sheet AND comforter.
-On the bathroom floor (They probably fell out of his pants)
-Shoved into the cockpit of a toy plane
-In my closet
-Under my bed
-And in the boys' bedroom and playroom

I suppose it really is all my fault, I made the mistake of leaving an open bag of miniature delights on the dining room table!

Usually, while I'm helping B with his assignments J plays quietly in the playroom until we are finished or he until he decides he wants to do "pwee-shcool". I suppose today, I should of noticed he was playing a little TOO QUIETLY.

What "sweet" memories I will have of my boys when they are grown and gone. :)

Just for fun, since we ARE talking about marshmallows:

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Britt said...

Oh man .. I don't know which made me laugh more: the vision of your little one with marshmallows falling out of his pants, or the video.

The video made me laugh and cringe .. that had to hurt! When my hubs was giving me self-defense Army moves, I didn't believe him that you could hurt someone with their nose. I made him prove me wrong, and I regret it! I made use of that move last night during a tickle fight with him, though! ;o)

Michelle said...

HA! The vision of your son pooping out little marshmallows had me laughing out loud!

Ronnica said...

He chose a wise plan. Never know when mom's going to put the marshmallows away!

Thanks for the comment! I actually wrote the post some time ago, but wasn't gutsy enough to post it. I went back and read it and thought, "This is good; I MUST post it!" I'm clearly in the "over it" category now. It's been a long time coming!

Mrs. X said...

Oh my gosh! I feel so dumb, he was probably stashing them for later consumption! Why didn't I realize that? Sometimes all it takes is a view from the outside to make sense of it all. :)

Elena said...

Oh my word! That video is too much. I laughed my head off. I love those silly Japanese games. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I have learned though always to be wary when my daughter gets too quiet. It usually means that trouble is brewing.

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