Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Perfect Apple Pie: Recipe Not Included

Since we have been married I have been on a quest, of sorts, to bake Mr. X the perfect apple pie. The pies I have made have always been "good", "wonderful", or "delicious", but never perfect. You see, he prefers more filling than apple. He's quite fond of McDonald's' apple to filling ratio in their "pies", but is not a big fan of their taste.

Tonight, after 7 years, and countless pies, I finally did it, I made his "perfect" apple pie. A large scale McDonald's like version, with more flavor and a crumble top. There is only one problem, I have a very bad habit when it comes to creating recipes...

"Would you like some pie?"
"Oh is it done already? YES PLEASE!"
I serve him a slice and wait, excitedly, for him to take a bite.
Yes! I did it, my 7 year quest has come to a victorious end!
"Seriously, babe, you should enter this in a contest or something. How did you make this? What did you put in it?
"You did it again, didn't you? You FORGOT to write down the recipe."
Oh well, at least I know I'm capable of producing the perfect pie. Just like I am capable of producing the perfect enchiladas, chili, bread, cookies, chocolate cake, yellow cake...the list goes on. Now if I could just remember to write it down!
I AM getting better, since I started blogging and sharing various recipes, from time to time I do make a point to write down what I'm doing. Unfortunately my apple pie was not destined for my blog, which means...I didn't write it down.
On a happy note, Mr. X said he loved my pie so much, he is going to eat it for breakfast....and that is not a compliment I take lightly. :)
But then again, who wouldn't want pie for breakfast? Except, maybe...this boy:

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Terie said...

Oh you're not alone. I'm always accused of never making the same dish exactly the same twice in a row and sometimes I am following a recipe but I substitute stuff if I don't have one I don't fuss over it. The Pie sounds yummy.

Jennifer said...

Ditto. In my family nothing comes out the same way twice. Some days it's great, others are a let down. We're still trying to find and keep the secret ingredient that makes the food delicious.

Michelle said...

I guess I'm a minority. When baking, I can follow a recipe to a T, and if I try to venture out on my own, it ends up a disaster. Other than that, I can make KILLER chicken nuggets. At least that's what my kids say. :)

Jennifer said...

Bellingham is the spot. It's very helpful for us, non canadians, who miss the little but very distinct differences in food and clothing.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

This is my third attempt to leave you a comment and they are getting less funny as we go along.

I am so sad that you did not get the recipe down but way to go that you did it. That is the success right there. I could not get the vidoe to work. Did the kid "ralph"? I hate pie eating contests but the man loves them. He gets up there with his fork and just enjoys the pie while others are gulping it down. It makes me laugh so hard when he does it.

Thanks for stopping over. It has been insane. I never ever think that my blog posts are that clever but Debbie did. I am going to have to do something nice for her for this one.

Let the hubby know that the oreos are coming tuesday. I took pictures today so he can drool on the monitor.

Britt said...

Oh that poor kid .. I feel bad laughing at him, but I can't help it. I just know he tossed his cookies (er, pie) all over that table. And the camera person .. "How do you feel?" I just wanna laugh and tousel his hair.

As for forgetting to write down the recipe .. I know if I actually cooked, I would do the same. Maybe you should try to recreate said pie blindfolded .. you know, let your instincts take over ;o)

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