Friday, September 12, 2008

So Insulted!

I was in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies for my lovely children, when I overheard this exchange between B and J (who were in the living room):

J: Tranthformerth broke! Mom ficth it!

B: That's your problem, J! You think Mom can fix everything when she can't! You need to understand that there are some things Mom doesn't know. She can't fix a Transformer, she knows nothing about them! Here, give it to me."

J: Bubba ficth it? Mom don't know how?
B: Yes, I'll fix it.

This coming from a child who thinks I can make lasers!? I just couldn't believe it. I do so know about Transformers! Who does he think bought him Optimus Prime, Megatron, Star Scream, and Blackout? I did! Do you know how many different types of Transformer toys there are? I know the difference between Beast Wars Series, Star Wars Series, Animated Series, New Movie Series, and Cybertron Series! I know about the Allspark cube, I know what Cyberkey power is! I dislike Decepticons as much as he does! Now, do I know how to fix them? No I don't, he's right in that respect. But do I know NOTHING about them? I think not!

4 Helpful Hints:

Lula! said...

You have mad Transformer skills. And what? You can't make lasers? I doubt that. Go ahead...attempt it...then post back for all of us to behold!

Michelle said...

Yes, I may be a girl, but I also know about Transformers. Of course, I knew nothing about them before I had boys.

Just one question... Does your husband imitate Optimus Prime's deep gravelly voice, too? Like every day, all the time?

Jendi said...

Wow! You sure do know about them.
I'm totally clueless in that area.

The extent of my knowledge is "a transformer transforms."

Could you fasten a laser pointer to a gun shape? LOL:)

Mrs. X said...

No he doesn't imitate the voice, because he doesn't have to! He BOUGHT the voice changer helmet!

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