Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Can Make Lasers

Halloween is not as far away as you may think!

My sweet, adorable child has decided that he would like to be Boba Fett (he's an intergalactic bounty hunter, for those of you unfamiliar with all things Star Wars) and his little brother would like to be R2D2. The thing is, the costumes available for purchase are not only VERY expensive, they are also not up to B's standards. B has decided he needs to have a jet pack, lasers that shoot from his wrists, and a helmet that "goes all the way around" his head. Before I can even begin to explain why some of this is not possible, he says "Mom, come on! I know you can do this. You can use empty toilet paper rolls to make the lasers, and I know you can figure out how to make a jet pack" I have never been more flattered in my life. Here is a child who honestly believes that I can make laser shooters from toilet paper rolls and engineer a jet pack. I know what you're thinking 'Oh, he just means PRETEND lasers and a PRETEND jet pack'. No, you are very, very wrong. He wants real lasers to fire from his wrists and a real jet pack, that will lift him from the ground, but not too high because he doesn't want to fly into space.

"Here mom! I want it to look like this"

So again I say, Halloween is not so far away! I have approximately 2 months to construct a miniature robot that bleeps and bloops, and transform a 7 year old into a fierce bounty hunter, complete with space age weaponry.

3 Helpful Hints:

Joe Arena said...

I can't blame the kid. It' simple stuff you need a rudimentary thrust mechanism for the pack and a 2-way ion converter for the lasers. Check out his science book, it’s probably in there.

Signe said...

Too cute! Yeah, Halloween will be here before we know it...good luck with those lasers! (maybe you could attach a couple laser pens?)

Ronnica said...

Good luck! I'm sure your fairy godmother-like powers will kick in any day now!

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