Monday, August 18, 2008

A lesson in loving one's self

A few months back I started making homemade pizzas for my boys. They absolutely LOVE eating them, and I absolutely LOVE how inexpensive they are to make!

Of course, being a homemaker, I am always looking for ways to cut costs. During my last trip to Costco I noticed that block cheese was 1 cent cheaper per pound than shredded and decided my labor was worth the savings. *bad mistake*

Fast forward: 2 days later

It's lunchtime and my three year old is in the mood for pizza.

After setting the dough aside to rise I pull out my massive block of Costco cheese. I cut off a section and begin shredding away. The cheese is really cold and it's sticking to the surface of the shredder, I begin pushing harder and harder to force it through the grates. Then it worst fear (involving cheese). I pushed the cheese too hard. I heard the cheese slam into the cutting board just as I FELT my thumb knuckle slam into the grater. "NO!" I looked down at my thumb.....flap. Yes, there was a flap of knuckle flesh gaping at me.

As blood trickled down my hand I couldn't help but try and get something positive out of the situation: Self worth. Yes! If only I had valued myself at more than 1 cent per pound savings I wouldn't be standing in my kitchen crying about my grated knuckle. So learn from my mistakes and love yourself today. Because your knuckles are worth more than a penny a pound.

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Marlie said...

Good post.

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