Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Whisk

Not to long ago I decided to buy myself a whisk. My last whisk had been plucked apart by my children, and since then I had been doing all my "whisking" with a fork. Anyhow, one night as I was "forking" away in the kitchen I thought to myself, "this is ridiculous, just buy a new whisk already!". So the next day during my weekly Walmart trip (see previous post) I picked one up, I could of bought the one for $1.97 but decided the one for $2.97 might last me a little longer. I spent the next week or so happily whisking away eggs, puddings, sauces, etc. Then one morning I opened my utensil drawer and it wasn't there......

"B, have you seen my whisk??"

"I haven't even touched it! Why would I know where it is?"

"Can you please go check in the playroom?"


" J, do you know where mommy's whisk is?"

" Noooooo"

" B, did you find it??"


Guess I'm back to forking my eggs. Wait! It looks like B's found something!

"Look Mom! Look! J made you a beautiful metal flower!"

"Oh no!MY WHISK!"

At this point, J comes running up behind B with a big smile on his face.

"J did you do this to mommy's whisk?"

"Pretty flower for you mommy!"

He was so happy, so proud of what he'd made. What kind of monster would I have to be to get upset?

"Thank you, it's the most beautiful flower I have ever seen."

2 Helpful Hints:

Kori said...

funny but also sweet. Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Fitness Bean said...

hah, thought that would have been "B". Guess "B" is now handing the torch to "J" to carry on the reign of terror. =P

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