Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who is going to clean your house?

Setting: The kitchen, I am scrubbing grease from the stove, while B sits at the table enjoying a glass of juice.

B: How do you know if a person is going to like to clean?
Me: I guess you would just ask them
B: Well, I sure hope my wife likes to clean.
Me: Why?
B: Because she will need to clean the house when we get married.
Me: Well what about you? What will you be doing while she's cleaning?
B: I'll be at work
Me: Well what about when you're home from work? Are you just going to sit there and watch her clean?
B: No. I'll probably just go and play with the kids.
Me: Do you think it's fair to let your wife clean everything, even when you've made some of the mess?
B: Ummmm.....No, that doesn't sound fair. I guess my wife won't have to clean if she doesn't want to.
Me: Then who's going to clean your house?
B: You will, Mom. I'll let you live with me and you can clean my house.

Not exactly what I was expecting to hear.
Note to self: Have a talk with Mr. X about chore distribution!

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